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Introduction to Re-Evaluation Counseling

United to End Racism, a project of the Re-Evaluation Counseling Community

No Limits for Women, a project of the Re-Evaluation Counseling Community

Sustaining All Life, a project of the Re-Evaluation Counseling Community

Resources for RC community members, teachers and leaders

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Re-evaluation Counseling Community Resources (RCCR)
19370 Firlands Way North
Shoreline, Washington 98133



Phone +1-206-284-0311

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The International Re-evaluation Counseling Communities is headquartered in Shoreline, Washington, USA. The headquarters also house Re-evaluation Counseling Community Resources, Inc. and Rational Island Publishers.

In addition to the offices in Shoreline, WA, RC has representatives in more than 90 countries around the world, where classes and workshops on Re-evaluation Counseling theory and practice are held.

To protect privacy, we do not list local RC contacts on this website.  Please fill out the form here for that information. If you are in possession of a recent copy of the quarterly publication of the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities, Present Time, contact information is printed there.

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