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Re-evaluation Counseling (also known as RC or Co-Counseling) is a process for freeing human beings from the effects of early hurtful experiences. The main mode of Re-evaluation Counseling is Co-Counseling—two people taking turns listening to each other.

Members of the Re-evaluation Counseling Communities have worked on eliminating anti-Semitism and racism since the 1970’s. In 1999 the International Re-evaluation Counseling Communities made eliminating racism our key issue, accelerating our work on ending racism. And in 2017, the RC Community adopted Jews and Allies United to End Anti- Semitism as a project of the International RC Communities.

Re-evaluation Counseling views all human beings as inherently intelligent, cooperative, and good. We assume it is natural for people to have good relationships with one another, to think well, and to enjoy life. In our view, every human being would always cooperate with others except where emotional distress interferes. These distresses are the result of physical or emotional hurts, many of them dating back to childhood.

The effects of these past distress experiences could have been thrown off quickly and permanently at the time we were hurt through our natural physiological healing processes (for example crying, laughing, and trembling). After emotional release, a person is able to think more clearly and can remain loving, alive, and cooperative.

Many of these accumulated distresses are a result of oppression (racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, Gay oppression). In RC, we believe that oppression is neither inevitable nor inherent in human beings. No human being would ever agree to, or participate in, oppressing another human being unless they had previously been hurt or mistreated. Once these hurts are in place, we are susceptible to acting irrationally and oppressively toward others, including toward people in our own group, and even toward ourselves. (For example, when racism or anti- Semitism has hurt people to the point where they unknowingly internalize it, they may demean and mistreat themselves and their own people.)

Individuals can be freed from the damage caused by racism, anti-Semitism, and other oppressions by using the natural healing processes of emotional discharge. This healing work can also empower individuals to engage in activism and to work toward the elimination of racism, anti-Semitism, and all forms of oppression.


Co-Counseling is a peer movement. People learn to Co-Counsel in a class and are then paired up with others where they learn to counsel one another. Because no money is exchanged between these two people, Re-evaluation Counseling can be learned by any individual, regardless of her or his background or economic circumstances.

Re-evaluation Counseling is currently practiced in ninety countries. More information about Re-evaluation Counseling may be found on its web site at

Re-evaluation Counseling Community Resources (RCCR)
19370 Firlands Ave North
Shoreline, Washington 98133 USA

Phone +1-206-284-0311

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